Health & Nutrition Solutions For The Start In Life

Before we even take our first steps, much has been determined about our future. The thousand days spanning pregnancy and early infancy are a critical window—what happens then can have a dramatic impact on the rest of our lives.

We understand that food and nutrition companies have a huge responsibility to raise awareness of the importance of the first thousand days and to support parents across the world in giving their children the best possible start in life.

We are committed to making wellness accessible at every stage of the lifespan and especially to meeting the needs of children and their parents. Therefore, we offers targeted health solutions to companies and brands worldwide.

At every stage, we are completely committed to helping manufacturers formulate responsibly, using scientifically proven ingredients to provide socially responsible and value adding products. Recognising the massive diversity in the needs of both consumers and manufacturers, we offers a range of custom technical solutions, adhering to the strictest safety standards throughout.

Every Step Of The Journey

Before conception

When nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, ascorbic acid and zinc can help boost fertility, both men and women can benefit from dietary supplements, as well as foods fortified with our custom premixes.

Apart from the nutritional needs in relation to fertility, many women of reproductive age have poor vitamin D levels, so a supplement of vitamin D is recommended in many countries.

We offer vitamin and mineral ingredient solutions that are ideal for nutritional companies helping prospective mothers and fathers meet these special health needs through supplementation.

During pregnancy

When both mother-to-be and baby need folate, iron, iodine and Omega 3 fats (DHA) and other nutrients, our supplements and premixes for fortified foods can play a vital role.

Supplementation with folic acid can help prevent neural tube birth defects, which affect the brain and spinal cord. Vitamins B12 and Vitamin D are also vital for foetal development, and supplementation is particularly important if the mother is vegetarian or vegan.

Early infancy

Our premixes for fortification of follow-on-milks and baby foods can deliver all the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals a child needs in single or blended formats, while breastfeeding mum’s can benefit from our supplement and premix formulas.

Infant Nutrition

Custom Solutions Available

In addition to offering customised premix solutions and unique ingredient concepts, we offer customers flexible packaging options, co-branding opportunities, support with regulatory issues and technological expertise.

We have the expertise, range of solutions and commitment to quality to help you give children the best possible start in life.

Start your journey today and contact us to learn more.