Whether you’re looking to meet a tight budget, find a vegan plant protein alternative or develop new formulas with a cutting-edge animal protein, our range contains the ideal protein to add more muscle to your mix! Our wide range of proteins deliver excellent nutritional value and can provide numerous functional properties.

Plant Proteins

The market for plant based proteins continues to grow rapidly year-on-year and is set to continue to do so with growing numbers of consumers adopting vegan or flexitarian diets. Pea and Rice protein combinations have proved to be a great solution in order to achieve a high protein content and the desired amino acids profile. At TrendinBio we have worked on formulations to provide better texture and mouthfeel and suppress the strong taste of Pea and Rice proteins. Products available include the following, with Organic options and protein blends also available:

  • Chickpea Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Rice Protein
  • Soy Protein

Animal Proteins

We offer a range of Organic and Hydrolysed Proteins for Sports Performance & Lifestyle Benefits. Available ingredients include:

  • Chicken Protein
  • Hydrolysed Collagen
  • Salmon Collagen Peptides

Dairy Proteins

For consumers looking to increase their protein intake, Whey Proteins remain the most widely used supplement mainly due to its amino acid profile. We are able to offer:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysed
  • Whey Protein Isolate

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