Quality Processes You Can Rely On

You need products and formulations that win market share and elevate your brand, but they also need to earn your customer’s trust. That’s why quality, compliance and safety come first at TrendinBio. With these values, we have earned the confidence of leading manufacturers all over the world.

It starts with our insistence on transparency and traceability. We know how and where every batch we source was produced or developed, every step of the way. This gives you the ability to share the origin information that more and more customers and consumers are looking for.

Our comprehensive quality control laboratories, R&D labs, and in-house testing bolster quality. We routinely use third party auditors for an extra layer of verification and validation.

Grow your brand with the promise of TrendinBio quality

Quality & Accreditations

Code of Conduct

TrendinBio has adopted a Code of Conduct to honour the interests of its employees and business partners. The code sets forward the rules of conduct required of our people as representatives of the Company when dealing with other employees, governmental authorities, suppliers, consumers, competitive commercial bodies and the community within which TrendinBio conducts its business.

Quality & Accreditations