Together with Us

Around the world our people are the central pillar of our organisation. We offer an inspirational, and fun working environment within a fast-growing, innovative, multicultural company. Join our team and you can make a global impact by helping our customers grow their business and improve consumers’ quality of life.

Why Work With Us?

Our company culture is an integral part of our business and it affects nearly every aspect of our company. From recruiting top talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of ensuring we have a happy and engaged workforce. We embrace a distinct, strong and positive culture which is employee-focused and has been developed over time, which helps employees feel and perform their best at work. We achieve this by focusing our efforts and resources around three main interlinked sub-cultures as follows:

Entrepreneurial Culture

We encourage our employees to use their initiative, bring new ideas to the table and help drive innovation and positive change within the business. We aim to empower our team members to take the lead and inspire others around them. At TrendinBio we reward people for tackling problems and advancing the company’s interests.

Team Culture

We are focused on ensuring within our teams, that our employees’ collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and most importantly support one another. We find that when employees’ feel supported they’re able to do great things. Not only does this benefit the company, but it benefits the employee in relation to their own personal growth.

Learning Culture

We have built a strong learning culture across all levels of our organisation, helping deliver innovative personal staff development. We offer both individual and shared learning practices enabling competence and skills development. We place primary emphasis on the development of employees’ abilities. We approach learning in a broad and agile way, providing our employees with multiple options to learn and develop. We do this through internal learning options such as lunch and learns or learning sessions with subject matter experts, through to external learning options such as certifications in specialist areas or access to our online learning portal. We understand and accept that people learn in different ways which is why we place an emphasis on agile learning.

Speculative CVs

We are always looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team.
If you are a passionate, hard-working individual looking to work for us but cannot see a vacancy, feel free to get in touch. Email us a copy of your current CV and a brief covering letter. We will review and get in touch if an opening becomes available.

Business areas in which we regularly recruit include:

  • Logistics
  • Customer Service/Support
  • Finance
  • Sales/Account Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical
  • Product Management
  • Production
  • Laboratory